Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

AGON FAST A.Sh. as a company, we attach importance to the protection and confidentiality of the information of its users (“Users”) who use our services.
This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) aims to inform users about how Agon Fast uses the information it collects, the responsibilities of users and Agon Fast's rules for the protection of confidential information.

1. All Information We Collect
If you use the Agon Fast services, Jul Fast collects certain information for other processes, such as registering for membership, providing you with the products/services you request, and making payments.
Users provide their information to Agon Fast when they want to place an order, submit their requests, suggestions and complaints to Agon Fast, or for other reasons. In this case, certain information of the users such as first name, last name, contact information, payment information, request, suggestion complaint information is collected.

2. Our Purposes of Using the Information
Agon Fast uses the information it collects about users mainly for the following purposes:

Providing services to users
To contact the users, to finalize the requests and complaints of the users
Conducting financial and accounting processes related to payments,
To ensure the promotion of our services; to carry out advertising and campaign processes,
Improving/improving our products and services based on user feedback,
Customize our services according to users' preferences, usage habits and interests,
To identify and resolve systemic problems in the environments where we provide our services; to carry out information security processes,
To measure user experiences through identification technologies / cookies, to improve the performance of the environments in which we provide our services.
The purposes set out in this section refer to the general purposes of using the information collected about users. For information on Agon Fast's purposes for processing customer personal data and other matters related to the processing of personal data, please contact

3. Transfer of Your Information to Third Parties
The information you provide to Agon Fast may be transferred to third parties in order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes (for example, your information may need to be shared with the company providing services in this regard in order to receive technical support services). In this context, your information may be shared with our business partners and suppliers who have received support within the scope of product /service procurement. However, when we are requested to share your information in order to fulfill our legal obligations, your information may also be shared with authorized persons, institutions and organizations.

The information provided by the users will not be transferred to third parties except for the purposes specified in the texts provided to the users and the situations necessary for the provision of the service.

4. Storage and Protection of Your Information
Your information is stored for as long as required by our purpose of collecting the information. If the legislation provides for a special period for us to store your information, compliance with this period is provided. Agon Fast protects the systems, servers and databases where your information is stored from data security threats (cyber attack, hash, etc.) takes the necessary technical and administrative measures to protect against

The user can use the system access tools (username, password, etc.) that he uses to use the services offered by Agon Fast.) he/she accepts that all responsibility related to its security, storage and keeping away from the knowledge of third parties belongs entirely to him/her.

5. Accuracy and Timeliness of Your Information
The accuracy and timeliness of the information provided by the users are the responsibility of the users. Your information should be transmitted to us in accordance with the truth and updated if there is a change in your information. You can update the information you have shared with Agon Fast at any time by calling Agon Fast customer service.

When you provide information to Agon Fast on behalf of someone else, you agree that this information is accurate, that you have the right to share the information with Agon Fast/that you have been authorized to do so.

6. Referrals to Third Parties
Agon Fast may make redirects to third-party connections that are not operated by Agon Fast. During your visit to any of the relevant links, you are subject to the privacy policies and terms of use of the third party you are visiting. Agon Fast is not responsible for the policies and practices of these third parties.

7. Changes to the Mobile Application, Website and This Policy
Agon Fast reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue the use of the services, information, images and other elements provided without prior notice. Agon Fast reserves the right to make changes and updates to this Policy. It is the user's responsibility to follow the current version of the Policy.

8. Responsibility
Agon Fast is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages and expenses that may arise as a result of any errors, interruptions, delays, viruses, lines and/or system failures that may occur during the provision of our Services in electronic form.

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