About Us

AGON FAST was established to serve in the field of electricity, energy, industrial automation and lighting in Turkey and abroad. Primarily, its field of activity is industrial facilities. In this direction, AGON FAST is the dealership and solution partnership of the strongest companies in the sector. These companies, which we have dealership and solution partnership with, are companies that are at the highest level of their sectors in the global, originating from Sweden - Switzerland - England - America and Germany. In this context, AGON FAST has set out with the motto of quality products and customer satisfaction and has become a reliable company whose name is frequently mentioned in the sector in a short time. Although AGON FAST is a young company, it is an innovative, forward-looking, visionary company.

Since Agon is a company that evaluates the problem and request correctly and methodically, makes the right product selection, puts these products into use in the field, provides on-site engineering service when necessary, and provides technical service and maintenance service in case of breakdown, cooperation with many corporate companies in a short time. has become the company made.

'AGON FAST, Switzerland-based ABB ELEKTRİK SAN. A.S. It is the authorized dealer of Frequency Converters, Electric Motors and Automation products. It has technical competence in products.

'AGON FAST is the authorized dealer of Germany-based KACO NEW ENERGY for Solar Inverters.

'AGON FAST, South Korea-based DELTA ELECTRONICS' authorized dealer in the Solar Inverters and the same company's electric vehicles Electric Ultra Fast Charger for Turkey is the only authorized service.